100 Country Boy Baby Names



If you’re looking for a name that’s rugged, outdoorsy, and full of charm, then country boy baby names might be just what you’re after.

These names often evoke images of the countryside, farms, and the great outdoors, and have a timeless appeal that parents are drawn to.

Whether you’re a city dweller or a country bumpkin, there’s something undeniably appealing about names that have a touch of southern charm or a rustic, down-to-earth quality.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular country boy baby names and what makes them so special.

The Charm of Country Boy Baby Names

Choosing a country boy name for your baby can be a great way to honor your family’s heritage, celebrate your love for the outdoors, or simply give your child a unique and timeless name.

These names are often inspired by nature, professions, or southern culture, and have a rustic, down-to-earth quality that many parents find appealing.

They can also be a great way to stand out from the crowd and give your child a name that’s distinctive and memorable.

Whether you live in the city or the countryside, a country boy name can be a great choice for any family looking for a name with charm, character, and a touch of southern hospitality.

Old-fashioned Vs. Modern Country Boy Names

When it comes to choosing a country boy name for your baby, you may be torn between old-fashioned and modern options.

Old-fashioned names like Jasper, Silas, or Levi have a timeless charm that can add a touch of nostalgia to your child’s name. On the other hand, modern names like Braxton, Wyatt, or Hunter can feel fresh and unique while still embracing the rustic, outdoorsy vibe of country boy names.

Ultimately, the choice between old-fashioned and modern country boy names comes down to personal preference and what feels right for your family.

Whether you choose a name that feels like it’s been passed down through generations or one that’s on-trend and distinctive, what matters most is that it’s a name you love and that fits your child’s personality and spirit.

Here’s a list of 100 old-fashioned and modern country boy names:

  1. Abram – father of many
  2. Ace – unity or one
  3. Asher – happy or blessed
  4. Beau – handsome
  5. Boone – good or pleasant
  6. Brady – spirited
  7. Brantley – fiery torch
  8. Brecken – freckled
  9. Brody – muddy place
  10. Cade – circular
  11. Cale – faithful
  12. Calvin – bald
  13. Cash – hollow
  14. Caspian – from the Caspian Sea
  15. Chance – luck or fortune
  16. Clayton – clay town
  17. Colt – young horse
  18. Cooper – barrel maker
  19. Corbin – raven
  20. Dalton – town in the valley
  21. Daxton – one who dyes
  22. Deacon – messenger
  23. Denver – green valley
  24. Easton – from the east town
  25. Eli – ascended or lifted up
  26. Emery – brave or powerful
  27. Everett – brave or strong wild boar
  28. Finn – fair or white
  29. Fisher – fisherman
  30. Gage – oath or pledge
  31. Garrett – spear strength
  32. Gideon – mighty warrior
  33. Grayson – son of the bailiff
  34. Gunner – bold warrior
  35. Hank – ruler of the household
  36. Hardy – strong or brave
  37. Harper – harp player
  38. Harrison – son of Harry
  39. Hayes – hedged area
  40. Holden – deep valley
  41. Hudson – son of Hudd
  42. Hunter – one who hunts
  43. Jackson – son of Jack
  44. Jagger – to carry
  45. Jameson – son of James
  46. Jasper – treasurer
  47. Jax – god has been gracious
  48. Jayce – healer
  49. Jesse – gift
  50. Jett – black gemstone
  51. Kade – from the wetlands
  52. Kane – warrior
  53. Kase – curly haired
  54. Keegan – small and fiery
  55. Kellen – slender
  56. Kian – ancient
  57. Kingston – king’s town
  58. Knox – round hill
  59. Kolton – coal town
  60. Lane – narrow road
  61. Levi – joined or attached
  62. Lincoln – from the lake settlement
  63. Landon – long hill
  64. Lucas – bringer of light
  65. Maddox – fortunate or lucky
  66. Maverick – independent or unorthodox
  67. Memphis – enduring and beautiful
  68. Micah – who is like God?
  69. Nash – by the ash tree
  70. Nolan – champion or descendant of Nuallán
  71. Oliver – olive tree
  72. Orson – bear cub
  73. Parker – park keeper
  74. Preston – priest’s estate
  75. Quinlan – descendant of Connla
  76. Reed – red-haired or clearing
  77. Rhett – advice or counsel
  78. River – water course
  79. Rylan – land where rye is grown
  80. Sawyer – woodcutter
  81. Silas – man of the forest
  82. Sterling – little star
  83. Sutton – from the south town
  84. Tanner – leather worker
  85. Tate – cheerful
  86. Thatcher – roof thatcher
  87. Tucker – cloth fuller
  88. Turner – turner of wood
  89. Vance – marshland
  90. Walker – cloth walker or fuller
  91. Waylon – land by the road
  92. Weston – western town
  93. Wilder – untamed or wild
  94. Wiley – crafty or cunning
  95. William – strong-willed warrior
  96. Wyatt – brave in war
  97. Xander – defender of the people
  98. Yates – gatekeeper
  99. Zane – God is gracious
  100. Zeke – God strengthens


Country boy baby names are a beloved choice among parents seeking to impart a sense of strong, grounded tradition and southern charm to their child’s name.

Whether you prefer a classic or modern, the list we’ve provided offers a wide variety of options to select from, each with their own unique origins and meanings.

It’s important to keep in mind that the name you choose should ultimately reflect your love and connection to your child, and be a name that they can carry with pride for a lifetime.

We hope this list has been useful in your search for the perfect country boy baby name!