45 Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Moon



If you’re drawn to celestial inspiration, particularly the gentle glow of the moon, you might consider a name that means “moon” for your bundle of joy.

In this blog, we will explore some of the most beautiful and unique baby names that mean moon, along with their origins, meanings, and cultural significance.

Whether you’re seeking a name that is mystical, romantic, or simply charming, there is a moon-inspired name that is sure to capture your heart.

Lunar Names Across Cultures: Origins and Meanings

Moon-related names are not exclusive to one culture or language.

Across the globe, different cultures have incorporated the moon’s beauty and influence into their naming traditions. Each name carries a unique significance that reflects the culture’s beliefs, traditions, and values.

In some cultures, the moon is associated with femininity and motherhood, while in others, it represents masculinity and strength.

The origins of these names are also diverse, from ancient mythological figures to contemporary pop culture references.

Exploring the meanings and origins of lunar names across cultures can provide insight into the deep connections between humans and the natural world, and offer a unique perspective on the ways in which different societies express themselves through language and naming conventions.

Names That Mean Moon

Lunar names often have beautiful meanings that can inspire positive qualities in your child, such as creativity, intuition, and serenity.

A lunar name can also give your child a sense of connection to the natural world and the universe, fostering a love and appreciation for the beauty of our planet and the cosmos.

  1. Amaris – Hebrew name meaning “child of the moon”
  2. Artemis – Greek name for the goddess of the moon and hunting
  3. Asceline – French name meaning “little moon”
  4. Ayla – Turkish name meaning “moonlight”
  5. Aysel – Turkish name meaning “moon-like”
  6. Candra – Indonesian name meaning “moon”
  7. Cerridwen – Welsh name for the goddess of the moon and wisdom
  8. Chang’e – Chinese name for the goddess of the moon
  9. Cynthiana – Latin name meaning “of the moon”
  10. Diana – Latin name meaning “divine” or “moon goddess”
  11. Helene – Greek name meaning “torch” or “moon”
  12. Hala – Arabic name meaning “moon halo”
  13. Ilargi – Basque name meaning “moon”
  14. Ilmatar – Finnish name for the goddess of the sky and mother of the moon
  15. Janus – Latin name for the god of beginnings and endings, associated with the full moon
  16. Jericho – Hebrew name meaning “moon city”
  17. Kamaria – Swahili name meaning “moon”
  18. Kiana – Hawaiian name meaning “moon goddess”
  19. Luna – Latin name meaning “moon”
  20. Lusine – Armenian name for the goddess of the moon and love
  21. Mahina – Hawaiian name meaning “moon”
  22. Mahindra – Hindi name meaning “moon-like”
  23. Malina – Inuit name meaning “moon”
  24. Marama – Maori name meaning “moon”
  25. Meztli – Nahuatl name meaning “moon”
  26. Nima – Tibetan name meaning “sun and moon”
  27. Nisan – Hebrew name for the month of the moon
  28. Qamar – Arabic name meaning “moon”
  29. Qamra – Arabic name meaning “full moon”
  30. Raka – Sanskrit name meaning “full moon”
  31. Sachi – Japanese name meaning “moon”
  32. Sahar – Arabic name meaning “dawn”
  33. Savina – Latin name meaning “Sabine woman”
  34. Sayaka – Japanese name meaning “clear moon”
  35. Selen – Greek name meaning “moon”
  36. Selena – Greek name meaning “moon goddess”
  37. Selene – Greek name for the goddess of the moon
  38. Selwyn – English name meaning “friend of the moon”
  39. Semira – Arabic name meaning “moon like”
  40. Soma – Sanskrit name meaning “moon”
  41. Sorin – Romanian name meaning “little sun or moon”
  42. Tsukiko – Japanese name meaning “moon child”
  43. Yasmin – Persian name meaning “moon”
  44. Yue – Chinese name meaning “moon”
  45. Zareen – Persian name meaning “golden moon”


With so many beautiful and diverse names that have connections to the moon, there is sure to be one that resonates with you and your family.

Whether you choose a traditional name from a specific culture or a more modern and unique name, a lunar baby name can be a great way to give your child a name that will stand out and have special significance.

As you embark on the journey of choosing a name for your little one, consider the beauty and mystery of the moon and let it inspire you in your search for the perfect lunar name.