Princess Names: Royal Inspiration for Your Baby’s Name



Princess names for babies have been a popular choice for parents for many generations.

These names evoke a sense of grace, elegance, and royalty, and often have a rich cultural and historical significance.

Whether inspired by fairytale characters, real-life princesses, or strong female figures in history, princess names are a beautiful and timeless option for baby girls.

With their charm and beauty, these names are perfect for any little princess who is sure to grow up to be confident, poised, and inspiring.

In this article, we’ll explore 70 of the most popular and meaningful princess names, along with their origins and meanings.

Why Choose a Princess Name?

Naming your daughter with a princess  name can give her a sense of confidence and empowerment.

Such names often carry a regal and elegant connotation, reflecting traditional values such as beauty, grace, and strength.

By selecting a name that evokes a fairy tale or a royalty, you can instill in your daughter a sense of self-worth and inspire her to aim for greatness.

Furthermore, a unique and beautiful name can set her apart and help her stand out in a positive way, both personally and professionally.

Ultimately, naming your daughter with a princess-like name can be a timeless and memorable choice that will stay with her for a lifetime.

Traditional vs. Modern Princess Names

When it comes to choosing a princess name for your baby, there is a wide range of options to choose from, both traditional and modern.

Traditional princess names have stood the test of time and are often rooted in history and cultural significance, such as Elizabeth, Caroline, and Charlotte.

These names evoke a sense of elegance and timelessness, and are perfect for parents who value tradition and historical significance.

On the other hand, modern princess names are often inspired by contemporary cultural figures, such as Aria, Harper, and Khaleesi. These names are a great choice for parents who want a unique and trendy name for their little princess.

Both traditional and modern princess names have their own appeal and charm, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference when choosing the perfect name for your baby.

From Grace to Quinn: The Meaning Behind Princess Names

Choosing a princess name for your baby is a beautiful and timeless tradition that celebrates the elegance, grace, and strength of women.

Here’s a list of 70 names you can use while picking the name of your little princess.

  1. Amelia – Work, Industriousness and fertility
  2. Aria – Air
  3. Aurora – Dawn
  4. Beatrice – Bringer of Joy
  5. Bella – Beautiful
  6. Blanche – White
  7. Brittany – From Britain
  8. Caroline – Free woman
  9. Charlotte – Free
  10. Clara – Clear, bright
  11. Cleopatra – Father’s Glory
  12. Daisy – The Eye of the Day
  13. Daphne – Victory
  14. Delilah – Seductive
  15. Diana – Divine, Heavenly
  16. Elizabeth – God is my oath
  17. Ella – Goddess
  18. Eloise – Famous Warrior
  19. Elsa – God is my oath
  20. Emilia – Rival
  21. Emma – Whole, complete
  22. Estelle – Star
  23. Evelyn – Longed for
  24. Felicity – Happiness
  25. Fiona – White, Fair
  26. Genevieve – Race of women
  27. Georgia – Farmer
  28. Grace – Grace of God
  29. Guinevere – Fair one
  30. Harper – Harp Player
  31. Hazel – The Hazel Tree
  32. Heather – Evergreen flowering plant
  33. Henrietta – Ruler of the Household
  34. Hermione – Messenger, Earthly
  35. Holly – Resilience and eternal life.
  36. Isabella – God is my oath
  37. Ivy – Faithfulness
  38. Jacqueline – May God protect
  39. Jasmine – A fragrant flowering plant
  40. Josephine – God will increase
  41. Kaitlyn – Pure
  42. Katherine – Pure
  43. Kelly – Bright headed
  44. Kennedy – Armored
  45. Khaleesi – Queen
  46. Lacey – Cheerful
  47. Lauren – Wisdom
  48. Lea – Weary
  49. Lila – Night
  50. Lily – A flower
  51. Madison – Son of Maud
  52. Maggie – Pearl
  53. Mariah – Bitter
  54. Marina – Of the sea
  55. Mary – Bitter
  56. Melanie – Black, dark
  57. Michelle – Who is like God
  58. Mila – Dear
  59. Miranda – Worthy of admiration
  60. Nadia – Hope
  61. Niamh – Bright
  62. Nicole – Victory of the people
  63. Noelle – Birthday
  64. Norah – Honor
  65. Olivia – Olive Tree
  66. Penelope – Weaver
  67. Philippa – Lover of horses
  68. Phoenix – Dark red
  69. Pippa – Lover of horses
  70. Quinn – Wise, counsel.


Whether you opt for a classic, historical name or a modern, unique name, each princess name has its own special significance and charm.

We hope this article has given you some inspiration and ideas for your little princess’s name, and that you will find the perfect fit for your new bundle of joy.

Remember, your baby’s name is a reflection of their individuality and personality, and the right name will be a beautiful and meaningful representation of who they are.

So, take your time and choose wisely, because your little princess deserves nothing but the best.