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Why we’re different

Are all products created equal in the realm of women’s health?


A massive majority of all products are created for and tested on men, then marketed to women. That means they leave out a very important data piece that’s a part of almost all women’s lives.

What do almost all products skip over when creating health and wellness trackers?

The menstrual cycle.

A woman’s natural menstrual cycle plays a crucial role in her health and can be a great tool and insight into her overall health if tracked correctly.


Live by your cycle

Bellabeat helps you get in sync with your natural cycle.

Through tracking your body’s bio-responses and aligning that data with your hormonal cycle, you’ll always know why you feel how you do.

And understand what that means for your stress levels and overall recovery. Learn how to create a balanced lifestyle plan that’s your personal, unique recipe to success.

Hormonal levels - luteal phase - Bellabeat

The fifth vital sign

Period. Follicular. Fertile Window. Luteal.

These are the four phases your body shifts through as your hormones rise and fall.

If you’re experiencing problems with PMS, irregular periods, or feel “out of whack,” it could be a sign you’re living out of sync with your hormones.

Dear diary.

Your cycle is more than just your period.

And My Diary is more than just a period log. Be in sync with your phases by always knowing where you are and what that means for you.

As your hormones shift through cycle phases, your body and mind shift as well. Cycle map by tracking your moods, symptoms, life events, and more so you’ll know if you’re living in sync with your natural cycle or not. Better anticipate the day, even month, ahead and schedule your life, events, and whatever else seamlessly.

Work with your body and mind, not against it.


Sleep. The best thing you can do for yourself.

Getting quality sleep impacts you in more than one way.

See how you slept and how your body recovered during your sleep cycle.

No more wondering why you wake up feeling exhausted.

No more wasted efforts when it comes to your workout routine.

Get all the stats you need to start your day on the right track – whether you have an AM meeting, want to start your day with a workout, or want to know where you are in your menstrual cycle so you can plan accordingly.

Go into the day with a plan that works with your body’s needs. All based on what IVY+ tracked the night before.

Readiness score - Health - Bellabeat

Your score is going to help guide you to make smarter, healthier decisions that work with your body and mind. You’ll know when to push harder or take a day to rest, or uncover if you’re susceptible to sickness. Get a detailed sleep analysis that’s more than just how much you slept.

Your report also includes your recovery sleep time, awake periods, the efficiency of your sleep, and the overall quality of it. Watch in real-time how this impacts your Readiness and Wellness Scores.

Know how you should tackle the day before getting out of bed.

Readiness score - Health - Bellabeat

Wake up. Sync. See.

Sync your IVY+ every morning to see your stats and what it is your body is telling you.

While you sleep, IVY+ tracks your resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and cardiac coherence – all of which play a vital role in your overall health and Readiness Score.

Readiness score 33 - Health - Bellabeat


Well, well, wellness

Learning how to create healthy habits is one thing. Knowing where to start and maintaining them is another.

The Wellness Score is going to make achieving your goals easier and give you the right insights into your own lifestyle so you can live happier, healthier, and in sync with yourself.

Even the smallest improvements can lead to major results in your mind and body.

Track, sync, and log your steps, activity, mindfulness, hydration, and sleep – stay motivated to stay on top of your wellness game and easily keep track of your daily progress.

How'd I do, Coach?

With 24/7 active heart rate tracking, you’ll be in more control of your workout routine and daily activity levels.

Health Heart Rate Tracking - Bellabeat

Your active heart rate tracking doesn’t stop there. Get a detailed workout report that breaks down your workout efforts and heart rate into zones*. Ensure you’re working out according to your goals, cycle, and Readiness Score interval

Curious about burned calories?
This is also included in your report, along with previous workout routines and a weekly and monthly breakdown.

*Coming soon 

Sayonara, stress

Stay cool as a cucumber with the help of meditation and stress relief tracking.

While you meditate, your heart rate, respiratory rate, and cardiac coherence are monitored, showing you the real-time impact your mindfulness has on your body’s bio-responses, thus your overall health.

*Coming soon 

Your Stress Sensitivity is shown every day so you’ll always know how well you can handle external factors. The higher the score, the more sensitive you are to stress. That means you’ll know why you so easily snapped at that driver who cut you off in traffic.

Follow their growth

Tracking your pregnancy is not only beneficial for you and your little one, but also fun and exciting. Get exciting updates about your little one’s growth and development.

You’ll also be able to combine your lifestyle tracking and biometric data to further support you and your pregnancy.

Coming soon to a Bellabeat app near you

Count their kicks

Learn your little one’s movement and count their kicks with the Kick Counter feature.

Get to know your little soccer player’s kicking habits which is one of the most important ways of tracking their vitality.

Dynamic goals

Fluctuating goals in sync with your natural cycle.

You’re not the same person every day and shouldn’t be expected to always push yourself to the max.

Your goals will automatically adjust according to your Readiness Score and where you are in your cycle. This way you can easily achieve your wellness goals.

Heart rate variability (HRV)

Knowing the variation between heart beats will help you perform better and help you improve your overall health.

It changes day to day based on your activity levels and mindfulness efforts, plus outside factors such as stress.

Your HRV combined with your cardiac coherence is going to give you one of the most powerful insights into your body’s true condition.

Because at Bellabeat, we give a hoot

We put women at the forefront of our products and testing. This is why we test all our products on women and create algorithms that cater solely to them, their cycles, and their lifestyles. It’s imperative to us that you get the exact information and guidance needed, based on your personal data and synced with your natural cycle.

Speaking of data, in today’s world, data is a private and precious commodity. This is why our products are made without screens, keeping your data hidden from plain sight. You can only access it through the Bellabeat app which you alone can access.