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A New Era of Wellness

A new generation of wellness and health trackers designed specifically for women.

Jet Black
Garden Jet Black
Garden Rose Gold
Blush Rose Gold
Blush Silver
8-Day Battery
Long lasting battery life to keep up with your active lifestyle, allowing you to focus more on your own energy levels.
Hypoallergenic Materials
Made from stainless steel, and accompanied by a non-allergenic silicone rubber bracelet, IVY+ suits even the most sensitive skin types.
Accuracy Above All
Seamless and spot-on tracking, so you never miss a beat, a step, or a good night’s sleep.
Waterproof & Durable
The lightweight design was made to last. That includes while you’re sweating, showering, or doing whatever it is your heart desires.

Your Health in Your Hands

Map Your Cycle Map Your Cycle Create a map of your cycle showing you the road ahead so you can live life healthily and in sync with your cycle.
Track Your Temperature Track Your Temperature Your temperature fluctuates during your cycle, revealing patterns that act as a magnifying glass on your hormonal map.
Pregnancy Planning Pregnancy Planning Ease the stress of planning your journey through motherhood by receiving ovulation reminders for the perfect timing.
Healthy Pregnancy Healthy Pregnancy Track your pregnancy for healthy growth for you and your little one with insights into your week and trimesters.

Live Well, Stay Well

See how well your Wellness Score stacks up and get the motivation you need to improve your well-being.

Habits & Lifestyle
Habits & Lifestyle
Create goals for yourself and explore where you’re shining and where you need extra attention.
With automatic activity detection, IVY+ tracks at first step. See how active you really are and how much energy you burned.
Active Heart Rate
Active Heart Rate
Track your heart rate 24/7 to see how your body reacts to your daily routine and decisions.
Listen to our meditations:
Deep Sleep I
Morning Plans of Positivity
Experiencing Self Love
Better Concentration
Keep track of your mindful moments and observe the long-term impacts it has on your overall health.
Stress Resistance
Stress Resistance
See stress levels and find out how your lifestyle and habits are impacting your road to stress-free bliss.

Nightly Bio-Responses

You put a lot of effort into the day. Now it’s time to see how your body is responding and recovering.

With a daily score, always know how prepared and ready you are to take on the day.
With automatic sleep detection, IVY+ tracks at first shut eye. See how long you slept and how good of a sleep it was with a sleep breakdown.
Resting Heart Rate
Resting Heart Rate
Gain the insights you need about your activity and health so you can see how it’s impacting your overall well-being.
Take a breath:
Double Breathing
Balanced Breath
Energizing Breath
Box Breathing