Most of us struggle with drinking enough water — some days, we’re on top of our hydration game, and then other days, hours go by and you don’t even notice you forgot to drink water until your mouth goes dry. Awareness on the importance of hydration is at its peak recently so everyone is becoming increasingly aware that forgetting to drink water regularly can actually be damaging to your health.
Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to stay hydrated that don’t involve drinking just plain water — such as infused waters or delicious foods that keep up your water levels, and the latter is exactly what we’ll be sharing with you in this new blog post. In fact, around 20% of our hydration needs are often met through diverse vegetables and fruits!
Take a look at our favorite foods that help you stay hydrated:



A fruit that’s already a summer staple due to its refreshing taste — and the fact that it grows during summer. Everyone already knows that it’s packed with water, but it’s also an amazing antioxidant and is very low in calories. It’s also a great addition to a fruit salad!


Cucumbers have the highest water content of any other solid food, which makes them a perfect addition to any summer salad, or a good snack for dipping into some hummus. You can also blend it with some greek yogurt and a bit of mint for a refreshing snack during your day.



This tasty melon is incredibly nutritious and can boost your health in many ways, other than just helping you meet your water intake need. It contains about 90% water and is also rich in fibers which will help you feel full and reduce your appetite — making it a great summer snack. You can blend it into a smoothie, or mix it into a fruit salad.


Being delicious and refreshing isn’t the only benefit to this fruit — it’s also one of the most hydrating foods you can choose. Strawberries are full of fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants. You can eat them as is, or blend them into a delicious breakfast smoothie! Both options are delicious and hydrating.


Other than being overall packed with healthy nutrients, tomatoes are also full of water, in fact, their water content is around 94%. Include it into your salad, or enjoy it with your meals for a treat that will help you level-up your water intake. You can also prepare it as a sauce, soup or salsa.



Celery is both incredibly healthy and remarkably hydrating. Paired with a bit of hummus, it also makes for an entirely delicious snack that will give you a boost of energy that can push you through your day. It’s also incredibly low in calories and full of fibers, so it’s a perfect snack if you’re trying to maintain your weight or achieve weight loss.

Coconut water

coconut water

Maybe you’ve already been enjoying this refreshing drink as a summer must-have, but in case you haven’t, well, there’s no time like now to start! Other than being incredibly beneficial and hydrating, coconut water is also rich in electrolytes which makes it the perfect drink after any activity or exercise.
We hope these delicious foods have given you some inspiration on how to stay hydrated more easily by incorporating certain foods into your diet more often.