What Is Sexercise and How to Do It? (With Examples)

What happens when you put sex and exercise together? You get a remarkable opportunity to enhance the pleasure of your sex life and make strides in your overall health. With these sex exercises, you can gain strength and confidence to benefit from different situations in the most ideal way possible.

Now, let’s dive into it!


What is sexercise?




As the name itself expresses, sexercise is a combination of sex and exercise. However, the term itself can be defined as any practice that is aimed towards the goal of improving the sexual experience. This includes, of course, the act of sex (as they say, practice makes perfect!), but also comprises a number of other exercises that people incorporate into their regimen.


These can be exercises such as yoga positions, pelvic floor exercises, strength and flexibility, and cardio.


Above all, every action that is undertaken expects that it will help improve their sexual encounters. Thankfully, it’s not only your sexual side that benefits from the advantages brought on by each of these movements.


Benefits of sexercise

Looking from a general standpoint, sex has been shown to precipitate an array of positive outcomes. Particularly, with respect to mental, emotional, and physical health. Personal effects of sexual occasions differ with each individual, but broadly speaking, sex can quite possibly help boost immunity, manage stress, improve emotional health & relationships, and raise self-esteem.


Most often than not, the newfound self-esteem roots from confidence.


This confidence may have to do with how you feel in your body, or how you feel about your performance. Whatever the case may be, it all comes down to what you’re doing before the main event.

Whether you realize it or not, during sex you incorporate three categories of exercise: cardio, pelvic floor, and strength. Each has their role to play, but when they work as one they can create an extraordinary experience. Working on each category independently outside of the bedroom can help provide comfort in certain positions, while also improving the execution.


Examples of sexercises


These 3 simple exercises work on strengthening your muscles and making sex more enjoyable while improving your stamina. Combined with Kegel exercises and masturbation, your sex life can get to a completely new level.


Leg Abduction Pulses



Muscle group: Thighs and legs
How to do it: Perform the exercise 15 times each leg in 3 reps, with rest in between


Side to Side Squat



Muscle group: Legs and bootie
How to do it: Perform the exercise 15 times 3 reps, with rest in between


Forward Bend with a Wide Leg Position



Muscle group: Stretching of the legs and bootie muscles
How to do it: Hold the position for as long as comfortable 3 times.



Sexercise is a term used to describe sex exercises. They can help you improve your stamina and strength needed for sex. With these 3 exercises, you can feel better and be more comfortable both in your body and in the bedroom.


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