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    Kalina B.
    United States United States

    Quick question

    I’m just wondering if anybody can tell me if the “Leaf Chakra” model counts and/or tracks how many calories are personally burnt by the person wearing the device throughout the day? I’m currently looking into purchasing the Rose Quartz “Love” Leaf Chakra device, but I only want to buy it if it keeps track of the number of calories burned by the user during the day. If this specific model (the Leaf Chakra) doesn’t have the capability to tell it’s user the exact number of calories that they’re personally burning each day then I’m going to buy the “Ivy” Bellabeat device but it’s three times as expensive as the Leaf Chakra model so if the ‘Leaf Chakra’ model does indeed keep a specific record of the user’s calories burned each day, please answer this post and let me know!! Thank you!!



    Hello Kalina,Thank you for your inquiry! The Bellabeat app is the one that calculates the calories for you, based on your steps and activities. This will happen regardless of what device you are using. :)I hope this helps! If you have any additional questions about this, please always feel free to reach out to support@bellabeat.com.Have a great day!

    Kalina B.
    United States United States

    Ivy leaf vs. Leaf Chakra

    Between the two different Bellabeat devices, is the Ivy really that much better than the Leaf Chakra model?? I’m trying to decide between a silver colored “Ivy” leaf or the “Love” colored Leaf Chakra, the Ivy seems to have more capabilities than the Leaf Chakra but it’s close to $300, which is honestly a little pricey for my budget so I’m wondering if it would be worth buying, or if I’d be happy with the “Love” Leaf Chakra (which FYI, is the pink- colored one), as it is priced at about $100, when the Ivy one is close to $300… So, if I choose the “Love” Leaf Chakra device I would save nearly two hundred dollars so I’m trying to find out if the new “Ivy” leaf model is worth it’s hefty price tag, or if I should just buy the “Love” colored Leaf Chakra, as it’s only about $100. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!



    Hello Kalina,Thank you for your interest in Bellabeat devices!When you check the Ivy info on our website and compare it to other devices, you will notice that the Ivy is a different animal. :) Unlike our previous designs, it also has an integrated heart rate tracker, and this provides a whole new level of insights into your health, working together with the Bellabeat app, of course. :) For all further questions, please contact support@bellabeat.com as this is where you can get all the info.All the best, Billie

    Kylie J.
    AU AU

    A special birthday gift for my sister

    My sister loved it and called me straight away thanking me for such a unique, beautiful and functional gift.



    Hello Kylie,Thank you for your review!We are so happy to hear that your sister is loving our product, and well done on choose such a great gift for her. :)All the best, Mary

    Kim H.
    United States United States

    Love it!

    I got the Power Chakra and I love it! Such a great statement piece while also keeping track of me. I've become more aware of my water intake as well. Is accurate with sleep and my steps. I love this brand as well, they really care!



    Hi Kim,thank you for your review and your kind words!We are very happy to hear that you are loving your Leaf Chakra and that you are fully enjoying all of its benefits. Keep up the good work :)All the best, Grace

    Croatia Croatia

    Beautiful design

    I love it!

    89.00 $

    Leaf Chakra

    89.00 $

    The only wellness tracker made with natural crystals, hypoallergenic stainless steel and wood composite. No charging needed! Enjoy working on your well-being!


    Bellabeat Coach


    New Coach members only. This subscription cannot be gifted. Cancel before end of subscription to avoid recurring fee of $9.99 per month. Content and features may change. T&C apply.


    Claim your free gift

    3 months of personalized coaching

    In the Box
    • Leaf Chakra
    • Infinity Necklace
    • CR2032 Coin Cell Battery
    • Battery Replacement Tool
    • Optimized for women’s health
    • No screen or buttons
    • It’s shower safe with a water resistance rating of IPX6
    • Enhanced with healing crystals, rose quartz or onyx
    • Tracks activity, sleep, meditation, stress resistance and reproductive health
    • Offers chakra energizing and relaxation techniques
    • Can be worn as a necklace or clip
    • Long-lasting replaceable battery
    • Shade of stone may slightly vary between models
    • Water resistance: IPX grade 6
    • Battery: replaceable CR2032 Coin cell battery
    • Sync: wireless syncing
    • Sensors: Tri-axis accelerometer
    • Materials: wood composite with stone-like appeal, hypoallergenic stainless steel clip, natural crystal
    • Design:
      • Leaf Chakra Power – adorned with Black Onyx
      • Leaf Chakra Love – adorned with Rose Quartz
    • Measurements: 1.8 inch (44 mm) x 1.1 inch (28 mm) x 0.4 inch (11.5 mm)
    • Weight: 0.59 ounces (16.5 g)
    • Compatibility: Leaf works with iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 and later, iPod touch 5 and later, Android 4.3 and later. Easily connect with Apple Health or Google Fit

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    30-day returns

    365 day warranty

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    Quality Guarantee 1-year warranty

    Don’t worry, be healthy!
    Our customer support is here to help with any issue or question you might have. Each device comes with a 1-year warranty.

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    Sleep tracking

    See how well you’re really sleeping at night and watch it improve over time.


    Activity tracking

    Count your daily steps, as well as track other activities you do throughout the day.


    Mindfulness tracking

    Take short breaks for breathing and meditation and track them daily to make mindfulness a habit.


    Stress resistance insights

    See your stress levels in real-time so you can proactively keep them low.


    Cycle tracking

    Plan around your hormonal cycles with tracking and phase predictions.


    Inactivity alerts

    Get alerts when you’ve been inactive for too long to remind you to get up and move around.

    Get valuable insights into your lifestyle and well-being

    Never lose your data. Leaf stores data up to 14 days and syncs with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit apps through the Bellabeat companion app.

    No charging

    Get your life back. Let Leaf take care of you, not the other way around.

    6-month battery

    Leaf runs on a simple coin-cell replaceable battery that you can find anywhere.

    Smart tech

    Leaf runs on Bellabeat proprietary tracking technology developed to work for women’s bodies.

    Wireless syncing

    Simply sync your Leaf with your phone via wireless sync.


    Leaf is made with surgical stainless steel & comes with vegan-friendly silicone & stainless steel accessories.


    Reaffirm positive well-being

    Designed with Rose Quartz crystal to inspire love, healing, and forgiveness, this crystal is known to bring calm and harmony during stressful times, removing negative energy and replacing it with love.

    The power of energy

    Designed with Onyx gemstones to help strength grow, this powerful protection stone absorbs and transforms negative energy; helping women feel more grounded and productive, supporting the development of emotional and physical strength.


    Comfortable in any situation

    Leaf Chakra can be worn as a clip or a necklace. The natural crystal design allows for a stronger grip even during sport activities.

    Excited about Leaf?

    Here are some frequently asked questions we get about Leaf. If you still have questions, send us an email and our in-house customer support team will be happy to answer them for you.

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