Tanja Premru-Sršen

Assoc. Prof. Tanja Premru-Sršen, PhD

Associate professor in gynecology and obstetrics, OB-GYN, maternal-fetal medicine specialist



Assoc. Prof. Tanja Premru-Sršen, PhD

30+ years experience in obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine, ultrasound in pregnancy, invasive diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures.

"Learn, challenge your skills, think outside the box, and do your best. And don’t forget to live"

Dr. Tanja Premru-Sršen, MD, PhD, is an esteemed associate professor specializing in gynecology and obstetrics, with expertise in maternal-fetal medicine. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Premru-Sršen has made significant contributions to the fields of obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine, ultrasound in pregnancy, and invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Career Highlights

In my career journey, I’ve achieved significant milestones and played pivotal roles:

  • 2023: Awarded the associate professor’s title in obstetrics and gynecology
  • Since 2018: Serves as the President of the Expert Committee for Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Ministry of Health, Republic of Slovenia, after being a member of the Committee since 2015
  • Since 2015: The President of the Educational Committee of the Slovenian Association of Perinatal Medicine
  • Since 2014: Holds the position of senior medical advisor at Bellabeat
  • 2004-2014: Headed the Department of Perinatology
  • Since 1995: Affiliated with the Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana
  • Since 1987: Affiliated at the Department of Perinatology, Division of Ob/Gyn, UMC Ljubljana


  • 1999 – awarded a Diploma in Fetal Medicine at Fetal Medicine Foundation, London
  • 1998 – awarded a Ph.D. degree in perinatology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana
  • 1996 – passed the board exam in obstetrics and gynecology
  • 1992 – awarded a Master of Science degree in perinatology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana
  • 1986 – graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana


Nuchal translucency screening for chromosomal anomalies

Featured Publications

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Your Journey As An Expert

Although it may sound cliché, I can say firsthand that the birth of a new life is magical, engaging, and full of challenges for the mother-to-be and her obstetrician. Following a new life from its beginnings to birth is a privilege. Despite the thousands of babies delivered, each new life is unique and bears the responsibility of the obstetrician to do the best she can to empower the woman for a healthy and responsible pregnancy, which gives the future child a healthy start in life.

My goal and mission revolve around enabling women to experience a healthy pregnancy. This requires a continuous dedication to learning and research, as we strive to prevent any potential complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

At the same time, a healthy lifestyle is the bedrock of a successful pregnancy and a healthy future child. I am happy to be a part of the team that encourages a balanced lifestyle for women and provides help and support along the way. The healthy lifestyle of mothers, and before that, their mothers, allow for future generations to avoid many chronic diseases that plague today’s population, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

By embracing a well-rounded lifestyle that includes exploration, physical activities, literature, and culinary pursuits, I strive to maximize the value of life's precious moments and create lasting memories.

Fun Facts

I fully embrace the philosophy of “Don’t forget to live” as a guiding principle in my life. Each year, I travel with friends, exploring different parts of the world and immersing ourselves in diverse cultures.

Hiking on weekends brings me solace and joy, despite the exhaustion, as it is truly rewarding.
Sports such as skiing, windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and cycling hold a special significance for my family as they bring us together. I find solace in literature, particularly in cozy crime novels and popular science books in physics. Additionally, I love cooking and experimenting with flavors and techniques.

By embracing a well-rounded lifestyle that includes exploration, physical activities, literature, and culinary pursuits, I strive to maximize the value of life’s precious moments and create lasting memories.