30 Weeks Pregnant: The Physical Symptoms and Baby’s Development

Fact Checked Medically reviewed by Tanja Premru-Sršen


At 30 weeks pregnant, your baby is still developing and focusing on weight gain more than ever. The baby is getting bigger by the day, and the changes are visible week by week.

Meanwhile, the future mom is going through some changes too, and slowly adapting to all the news that the third trimester brings.

Here is what you can expect in week thirty of your pregnancy for both you and your baby.

Physical Symptoms During Week Thirty of Pregnancy

Around the week thirty of your pregnancy, some of the main pregnancy symptoms you can expect are going to include:


Heartburn is a widespread symptom that occurs around week thirty of pregnancy.

If you experience heartburn often, reassess the foods you are eating, as heartburn can be caused by greasy, heavy, spicy, or acidic foods.

While enjoying these foods once in a while won’t be too much of an issue, eating them often, especially before going to bed, can cause heartburn.

Trouble sleeping

At thirty weeks pregnant, you probably struggle with tossing and turning all night long. Sleepless nights can be caused by hormonal fluctuations, weight gain, bodily discomfort caused by the growing belly, worries, and the inability to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Trouble sleeping can cause fatigue, which will cause a vicious cycle of being forever tired. Good practice for the mom life that is waiting for you.

If you think sleepless nights are bothering you too much to function and causing mood swings and fatigue, advise your healthcare provider.


A little puffiness, especially around your feet and hands, is expected at this stage of your pregnancy.

If your feet are bothering you, try putting them up for a while; that should decrease the swelling. Pay attention to sudden or severe swelling, as it could be a cause for concern.

What Happens to The Baby During Week Thirty of Pregnancy?

At 30 weeks pregnant, a baby is around 15.24 inches long, and it weighs over 3.25 pounds, which is about the size of a cabbage. As each day passes, the baby grows more and more, and the growing baby is preparing for the outside world.

By week 30 of the baby’s development and baby’s growth, all of the baby’s major body systems have completely formed, and they are now busy developing and maturing. The baby will soon start getting very chunky to prepare for life outside the womb, which is on the horizon. At this point, the baby’s head is slowly getting more proportional to the rest of the baby’s body.

The baby’s brain and new fat cells are now preparing for regulation of the baby’s body temperature, making the lanugo (a soft, downy hair covering the baby’s body in the early stages of pregnancy) disappear. Baby’s skin will soon be silky smooth.

Pregnancy Checklist During Week Thirty

Since you are now in the third trimester and the final stage of your pregnancy journey, there are certain tasks you need to fulfill and cross off your list to stay safe and get prepared for the baby’s arrival.

The list of things you need to complete during your twenty-ninth week of pregnancy will include:

Schedule the 32-week prenatal visit

Week 32 is getting pretty close, and now is the perfect time to schedule the 32-week prenatal visit with your healthcare provider.

Practice a hospital run

Once the labor starts, you will not have the time to think or get organized.

Especially if this is your first pregnancy, panic is likely to take over. That is why you should have a hospital bag packed and a game plan ready with your partner or your birthing partner.

Wear forgiving shoes

Ditching fashion for comfort will be the name of the game in your third trimester, and your feet are going to thank you for that!

So make sure to get some comfortable maternity shoes for those swollen and achy feet. Ditch the heels; they are painful, and they are not safe at this point.

Get familiar with the mucus plug

The mucus plug’s role is to plug the cervical opening and protect the baby from any bacteria that can come through that canal. During the pre-labor period, losing your mucus plug is a very real and likely possibility.

It is worth getting familiar with and ready for, as so much mucus in that area can be quite a startling experience, especially for first-time moms. During your next prenatal visit, ask your healthcare provider to explain what you can expect.

Keep up with the Kegels

Keeping up with your Kegel exercises will help keep your vaginal and perineal muscles strong and ready, which will be a godsend once the birth starts and the baby arrives.

Kegels could also help you avoid peeing your pants involuntarily.

You might not know it now, but that is something you will need in the future.

What To Avoid or Begin to Avoid?

In order to have a pleasant and uncomplicated pregnancy, it is important for pregnant women to avoid potentially dangerous and harmful things and activities.

During your thirtieth pregnancy week, make sure to stay away from:

  • Smoking, doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and being exposed to toxic substances.
  • Sleeping on your tummy.
  • Performing demanding workouts and carrying heavyweight.
  • Wearing strappy and tight shoes and high heels.
  • Touching kitty litter or cat feces.
  • Drinking an excessive amount of caffeine and carbonated drinks.
  • Getting tattooed as it poses a risk of infection.
  • Eating junk food, deli meats, raw or undercooked meat, eggs, cheeses from unpasteurized milk, unpasteurized dairy foods, high mercury fish, and unwashed fruits and vegetables.
  • Having close contact with anyone with rubella, chickenpox, or the Zika virus.