34 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect Physically and Mentally?

Fact Checked Medically reviewed by Tanja Premru-Sršen


Isn’t it amazing how time flies?

Just yesterday, you were looking at your positive pregnancy test in awe, and in a blink of an eye, your baby can now hear your voice and listen to your conversations at the thirty-fourth pregnancy week and the third trimester is coming close to its end!

You probably feel happy and excited but also very nervous; pregnancy can be pretty nerve-wracking at such a late stage, since the baby’s arrival is so close now.

So, keep reading to find out everything about what the week thirty-four brings to calm your nerves and prepare.

Physical Symptoms During Week Thirty-Four of Pregnancy

Around the week thirty-four of your pregnancy, some of the main pregnancy symptoms you can expect are going to include:

Blurry vision

If your vision seems a bit blurry these days, you have a combination of fluid buildup, pregnancy hormones, and lack of sleep to thank for that, as it is a widespread occurrence at 34 weeks pregnant.

Pay close attention if your blurry vision is accompanied by swelling, headache, or rapid weight gain, and tell your healthcare provider immediately, as it could be a sign of preeclampsia.


Creating a little human and carrying it around all day long is pretty tiring, especially if you are having multiples, so it makes sense that your body is feeling a bit fatigued during the day.

On top of that, many pregnant women are not sleeping well at thirty-four weeks pregnant, which adds to fatigue, the most common but luckily temporary pregnancy symptom.

Swollen ankles and feet

Many pregnant women suffer from swollen feet, thanks to water retention, which is common in the third trimester. This will make your feet and ankles much bigger than usual.

If this painful swelling is bothering you, sit down and put your feet above heart level.

Constipation and hemorrhoids

Being constipated at 34 weeks pregnant is normal and expected, making you feel more uncomfortable than you already are.

And on top of that, constipation can cause hemorrhoids, which ups the enjoyment.

What Happens to The Baby During Week Thirty- Four of Pregnancy?

At 34 weeks pregnant, the baby weighs about 4.7 pounds and is about 17.7 inches long, about the size of a butternut squash. With less than two months until go time, the baby grows bigger and bigger by the day and develops necessary survival skills! The baby’s growth is nearing the end stages, as the baby prepares to come and greet you soon!

Most of the baby’s organs are matured and fully formed at this point of the baby’s development, except the lungs. At thirty-four weeks of baby development, the primitive alveoli are formed, and mature alveoli are developed later.

The baby’s development is slowly making your baby more chubby and plumper, and some of its first major facial characteristics are visible, as the facial features are very distinct now.

At thirty-four weeks pregnant, the baby’s body is very close to full turn, but it is not quite there yet, and won’t be until it reaches 37 weeks. At 34 weeks, the baby requires some extra time in the hospital to ensure everything is okay, but the chances of survival of the preterm birth for the babies born at this time are very high.

Pregnancy Checklist During Week Thirty-Four

As the baby grows more each day, you need to fulfill certain tasks to keep up with the journey and ensure you are staying on top of your and your baby’s health.

The list of things you need to complete during your thirty-fourth week of pregnancy will include:

Skip the salt

Salt is a fluid-retaining mineral, and it can make swollen feet and fingers much worse than they already are, and they are usually pretty bad at thirty-four weeks pregnant.

So avoid oversalting your food, and avoid foods that are naturally rich in sodium.

Take care of your hemorrhoids

Having hemorrhoids is no fun, but many pregnant women do experience them, especially during the late stages of their pregnancy, thanks to all that extra weight. Treating them with some TLC can make them more bearable, especially in the last few weeks.

A warm sitz bath and witch hazel pads can also ease the discomfort, and so does avoiding sitting too long. Another common cause of hemorrhoids is constipation, so eat a lot of fiber and drink a lot of water. Ask your healthcare provider for more advice.

Drink as much water as you can

Water is going to help relieve and prevent constipation and promote digestion.

Another useful tip is that being dehydrated can cause Braxton Hicks contractions, which is a good enough reason to keep a water bottle with you at all times to avoid them!

What To Avoid or Begin to Avoid?

To protect your baby and yourself during your pregnancy, it is important to avoid potentially dangerous and harmful activities and things.

During your thirty-fourth pregnancy week, make sure to stay away from:

  • Smoking, doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and being exposed to toxic substances.
  • Sleeping on your tummy.
  • Performing demanding workouts and carrying heavyweight.
  • Wearing strappy and tight shoes and high heels.
  • Touching kitty litter or cat feces.
  • Drinking an excessive amount of caffeine and carbonated drinks.
  • Getting tattooed as it poses a risk of infection.
  • Eating junk food, deli meats, raw or undercooked meat, eggs, cheeses from unpasteurized milk, unpasteurized dairy foods, high mercury fish, and unwashed fruits and vegetables.
  • Having close contact with anyone with rubella, chickenpox, or the Zika virus.