Thousands of women are using their cycle to harness energy and productivity

Over are the days when the hormonal cycle is seen as a nuisance. We believe in its power to support our efforts in achieving wellness and serve as a source of superpowers.

The reality is that our current medical standard is to suppress a women’s natural cycle at the first sign of an imbalance, rather than educating women on the importance of diet, exercise and stress management to help promote improved hormonal balance.

Dr. Allison Devine for Forbes


Most diets and workout plans have been based on research performed solely on male bodies

That means they might not be working out for you. Not because you’re inconsistent, unmotivated, or not disciplined enough, but because they’re not adjusted to your female biological rhythm.

This rhythm has a real effect. Not just on your reproductive system, but also on your brain, metabolism, microbiome, immune system, and stress response. Bellabeat takes your natural cycle into account when creating guided programs so that your efforts in achieving your goals are more effective and enjoyable.


While fun and exciting for some, can be stressful and demotivating for others

On top of that, the menstrual cycle is often the biggest impediment when creating healthy wellness routines. With your cycle comes increased hunger, lethargy, and mental and physical stress – none of which are helpful when trying to start a workout, diet, or other wellness routine.

But that’s not a reason to give up. That’s the reason to look deeper into your hormonal shifts and learn how to use them to your advantage.

Getting in sync with your natural rhythm is a bio-hack that helps women harness their energy and productivity.


In driving the change in the space of women’s wellness based on research done on women’s bodies and health

We’ve spent years building our extensive database on women’s wellness, giving us unique insights into the correlations between the female hormonal cycle and other aspects of our well-being. Bellabeat is working with scientists to use those insights when buidling their personalized wellness coaching programs.

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Wellness coaching programs which help women tap into the power of their hormonal cycle

By coaching you into adjusting your wellness routine around your cyclical hormonal changes, we’re helping you maximize your efforts by getting you in sync with your natural rhythm.

There is plenty of data to support the powerful effects that the two main hormones of menstruation, estrogen and progesterone, have on our neurochemistry.


wellness coaching

You’re unique so you need a unique approach to your well-being. We’ve spent years getting to know women better in order to create specialized programs that take your needs and lifestyle into account. We’ll get to know you better and recommend wellness content specific to your goals.

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