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Harnessing the Power of the Female Body

Our Cycle is the Key to Health

58% of women have felt a sense of embarrassment simply because they were on their period. Here at Bellabeat, we are committed to discovering how to turn hormone fluctuations from a nuisance into a superpower.

Female wellness should be adjusted for a female body

We are focused on creating programs based on our research about womens bodies. We adjust them to your biological rhythm to achieve highest efficiency. Come and join us on a journey of reconnecting ourselves with the ancient wisdom of the female body

Taking the cycle into account, affects your reproductive system, brain, metabolism, microbiota, immune system, and stress response. Learning about your body is now served for you on a silver platter.

Your routine should reflect what cycle stage you are in

The menstrual cycle is often the biggest impediment when creating healthy wellness routines. Hunger, lethargy, mental and physical stress are all symptoms we don’t want.

We make it easier for you to start and maintain a fitness or a wellness routine. We base our insights on hormonal shifts and teach you how to use them.

Tap into the power of your menstrual cycle

Adjusting your wellness routine around your cyclic hormonal changes helps you maximize your efforts and gets you in sync with your natural rhythm. Our programs are perfectly aligned with that.

“The reality is that our current medical standard is to suppress a women’s natural cycle at the first sign of imbalance, rather than educating women on the importance of diet, exercise and stress management to help promote improved hormonal balance.”

Dr. Allison Devine for Forbes

Harness your Superpowers with Bellabeat

We’ve spent years getting to know women better in order to create specialized programs that take your needs and lifestyle into account. We’ll get to know you better and recommend wellness content specific to your goals.