This is not your ordinary water bottle

Spring was made to help you achieve total body wellness through healthy hydration

Spring tracks your hydration

Say ‘buh-bye’ to dehydration headaches! Spring will help you build a healthy hydration habit.

And sends you customized reminders

The Bellabeat app has customizable reminders
to help keep you hydrated and happy.

But it isn't just a sleek water bottle

Spring is equipped with an algorithm, that calculates how much water you need based on your lifestyle.

Remember your Spring and forget your phone

With a secure data backup of up to 14 days, there’s no need to tote your phone around all the time.

Start hydrating the correct way

Simply shake to sync

Sync your Spring to the app so you can see all of
your amazing hydration progress.

No wires, no mess, no hassle

Your Spring is wireless so you don’t waste time
figuring out which wire goes where.

That also means no charging

With a 4-month battery life, your Spring
is made to last without the hassle.

Made with safe materials

The glass body keeps your water tasting clean
and is free from harmful chemicals.

Start your wellness journey

Like, really safe materials

Surrounded by silicone rubber for an easy grip and sleek look. And don’t worry, the cap is BPA-free.

So it's dishwasher safe

Spend more time focusing on your wellness journey
and less time worrying about cleaning your Spring.

How it works

Through wireless syncing and a secure data backup, Spring calculates exactly how much water you need based on your lifestyle. Simply shake to sync. Say goodbye to dehydration headaches and hello to a healthier you.