Bellabeat Standards

Editorial Process Principles

At Bellabeat, we are passionately dedicated to providing you with health information that you can trust, access easily, and rely on to make informed decisions about women’s health.

Our unwavering commitment to your health guides everything we do. Allow us to introduce you to the foundation of our editorial process, ensuring the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and user engagement.

Our editorial process is built upon four pillars that set the gold standard for health information:

1. Building Trust through Reliable Information

There’s a lot of health info out there, but it can be pretty confusing to find your way around. At Bellabeat, we’ve made it our mission to transform this experience.
We provide content that you can rely on, backed by evidence and science, presented clearly, and accessible to all. We’re not only focused on women’s health – we care about your overall well-being. That means we talk about a wide range of topics and different points of view, openly and fairly.
We recognize that each health journey is unique, and so we stand for inclusivity and empathy. Our doors are open, judgment-free, to everyone in search of better health.

2. Supporting Journalistic Excellence in Women's Health

When you turn to Bellabeat, you seek accurate, trustworthy information about women’s health. It’s our responsibility to uphold the highest journalistic standards.

Our informational and educational content are unbiased, timely, research-backed, and comprehensive.

Our content is brought to life through individual perspectives, told with empathy, candor, and respect.

Here’s how we ensure we meet these standards:

  • We handpick our contributors and provide ongoing training. Our in-house editorial team selects expert writers and contributors. We evaluate our content creators for their subject matter expertise and real-life experience. We train them in the best practices of research and sourcing, and we provide constant feedback and coaching.
  • Our health information undergoes strict medical review. The Bellabeat Medical Expert Team consists of healthcare professionals from esteemed institutions, professional organizations, and private practices. These experts bring diverse, extensive expertise in their respective fields. They ensure the medical accuracy of our content.

3. Prioritizing Precision, Compassion, and Inclusivity

We are committed to making sure that every piece of content we publish is accessible and understandable. To achieve this, we rely on our custom style guide. This guide makes sure our writers and editors focus on making things easy to understand, clear, friendly, and inclusive. We also make sure to use real-life examples, good sources, and clear citations.

You’ll notice that our tone is warm and approachable, yet unwaveringly progressive. We use thoughtful, respectful language that promotes inclusivity and compassion.

Our use of empathetic language allows us to tell judgment-free stories, making deliberate choices to eradicate stigma, stereotypes, and bias.

We always use language that’s considerate and thoughtful. We actively engage with community advocates and track language trends within health communities. We choose our words carefully to combat stigmas and empower our readers.

As language evolves, so do we. We respect individual differences in how health impacts each of us, and we honor the choice of words used when sharing personal stories. After all, being a true ally means putting you, the reader, at the center of everything we do. Our language reflects this viewpoint.

4. Continuous Content Monitoring and Updates

Health information is in a perpetual state of evolution. New research emerges, old notions are dispelled, and terminology becomes outdated.

At Bellabeat, we recognize this dynamic nature of health information. We are committed to continually monitoring and updating our content to ensure we offer you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

To make this commitment a reality, we’ve assembled teams of editors and experts dedicated to identifying and updating any inaccurate or unclear information.

Our Medical Experts team keeps a close eye on changes in women’s health, following new guidelines, and major practice recommendations. They share these insights with our editors and partners to facilitate the ongoing improvement of our content.

As you navigate our content, you’ll come across various dates. Each date corresponds to a different stage in our editorial process:

  • The ‘written on’ date signifies when the content was initially authored and published on our site.
  • Each time a piece of content undergoes medical review by a member of our Medical Expert Team, it receives a new ‘medical review’ date.
  • Whenever our professional fact-checkers verify a piece of content, it is given a new ‘fact-checked’ date.
  • If any modifications are made to a piece of content, it is assigned a new ‘updated on’ date. These modifications can include corrections of minor inaccuracies, addition of new information, replacement of images and sources, or any other changes that enhance the content’s value for you, our readers.

Our commitment to content updating and re-review arises from several ongoing processes:

  • Regular audits are conducted to address changes in language, medical terminology, and trends in health communities.
  • Immediate action is taken in response to your feedback. Whenever you alert us to potential issues with our content, such as inaccuracies, outdated information, unclear language, or contradictions, our editorial and medical teams spring into action. We research your feedback, determine necessary revisions, and promptly republish the updated content.

Bellabeat's Medical Expert Team

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of medical and scientific content to our readers. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of our health information, we have established a dedicated Medical Expert Team.

Our approach to content creation and validation is based on a peer review practice. Our team collaborates with numerous medical professionals, health experts, and scientists who serve as our trusted peer reviewers. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in a wide range of medical and healthcare disciplines.

Each member of our Medical Expert Team plays a crucial role in revising, evaluating, and improving our content. They ensure that our articles, guides, and resources meet the highest standards of medical accuracy and scientific integrity. This collaborative effort helps us maintain the quality and reliability of the health information we provide to our readers.

User Engagement: Your Voice in Our Health Journey

We believe that our readers should have an active voice in their health journeys. At Bellabeat, your input is invaluable. We invite you to share your feedback, questions, and thoughts. Your insights are essential to enhancing your experience with us.

We are committed to listening to our users’ requests and incorporating your suggestions to continuously improve your journey toward better health. If you have any questions or comments about the accuracy or usability of our content, or if you believe an article is outdated, you can easily let us know by sending us an e-mail.