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Media Buzz

“We love how female-focused Leaf Nature is!”

“Bellabeat Leaf Urban health tracker is an incredibly innovative tool to help improve your well-being.”

“Leaf Urban and Leaf Nature are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.”

“After much testing, we found that the Bellabeat Leaf Urban is the best piece of smart jewelry for most women.”

“Bellabeat was one of the first companies to focus on women and wellness in an industry dominated by athletic smart watches with a “one size fits all” mentality.”

“Leaf Nature – the pendant that monitors your health that does more than just spruce up your outfit.”

“The Leaf from Bellabeat takes everything you think you know about fitness trackers and turns it on its head.”

“Leaf predicts how changes in your daily habits can lead to stress, and reminds you to get back on the treadmill or get to bed a little earlier.”

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“Along with Leaf Nature’s subtle design, it also monitors your activity, sleep and reproductive health and alerts you to oncoming stress.”

“If you want to: get your periods in check try: Leaf by Bellabeat. The best part: The Leaf tracker also collects data on exercise, stress, sleep, and mindfulness, so you can get a sense of how all of these factors are affecting your symptoms.”

“Shell – a device that helps you know what to expect — or, at the very least, listen to and record your baby’s heartbeat.”

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“When the Leaf registers a high-stress score, its app will talk you through a two- to 10-minute guided meditation. Bonus de-stressor: The battery lasts for six months.”

“The technology behind the device is impressive. Bellabeat Leaf is a bio-tracker that is carefully designed to be worn all the time.”

“Our pick: Bellabeat Leaf Urban – Whether you buy the Urban or the Leaf Nature, you won’t be disappointed by this gorgeous piece of smart jewelry.”

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“This chic tracker looks just as good with a dress and pumps as it does with leggings and a sports bra.”

“Besides the cool name, the Shell boasts a really unique design.”

“Bellabeat Leaf is the first wearable health tracker that predicts stress.”

“Shell it’s an innovative prenatal listening device – this is something you probably did not expect when you were expecting.”

“Previously an experience limited to doctor’s offices, expectant parents can now be able to hear their unborn baby’s heart non-invasively in their own home with Bellabeat’s Shell.”

“This is by far the most beautiful fitness tracker. I keep getting compliments on my “cool necklace.” I’m a huge fan!”

“Something tells us this one will be a hit. Shell has another nice touch, you can record the sound of your baby’s heart via the app and even share them with family and friends.”

“Of course, wearable trackers no longer have to be on your wrist. The discreet Bellabeat Leaf can be worn as a necklace or a brooch.”

“I’ve had my share of wellness trackers, and the Leaf is the only one I actually enjoy wearing (I get so many compliments). It not only makes me feel pretty – it makes me feel better.”

“Bellabeat makes our absolute favorite pieces of smart jewelry that are both subtle and smart. The original Leaf and the new Leaf Urban are both great options for women who want subtle fitness trackers that look like jewelry. They’re the best fitness trackers for women.”

“Shell lets you hear your baby’s heartbeat whenever you want. Amazing technology.”

“Form meets function when it comes to the Bellabeat Leaf Urban in Rose gold.”

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“Bellabeat Leaf Urban is more than a fitness tracker.”

“When I wore Bellabeat’s first device, Leaf Nature, I swore I would never let another fitness tracker off the hook for ignoring women’s health. The Leaf Nature was the first tracker to include settings for women to monitor their menstrual cycles and pregnancies—you know, two of the oldest and most important self-quantification metrics.”

“Bellabeat Leaf Urban can predict how ready you are to deal with life’s challenges–and prompt you to take charge of your well-being.”

“If you want a smart wearable that does more than the average tracker (and looks great with dressier outfits), this is an awesome gift.”

“Bellabeat turns over a new Leaf with smart jewelry to help you stay stress-free.”

“Bellabeat Leaf’s new wearable and app help women tackle stress.”

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“Clip it onto your neckline or wear it as a bracelet—get creative with this cute little Leaf by Bellabeat.”