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It covers everything a woman needs in one place: workouts, nutrition, mindfulness techniques, and menstrual cycle support, and tailors its expert-based content to each stage of your cycle – and your goals.

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Coach - Lose or gain weight stress-free - Bellabeat

Lose or gain weight stress-free

If you want to redefine your body contours and get a new shape, this program has it all: personalized meal plans and grocery lists, a selection of workouts tailored to your goals, and lots of understanding and support.

Support your immune system

Combine your data with advanced insights on the right workout routines, meditative practices, and healthy food choices that ‘keep the doctor away’. You will learn how to build strong health protection, uplift your mood, and amplify your energy levels.


Grow your muscle definition

Build your body’s strength and tone your muscles with targeted exercises aligned with your physique. You will also discover specific food choices and eating schedules to support your workout efforts.

Are you getting enough rest at night?

Experience calm, restorative sleep that you haven’t had in years. It will boost your energy in the morning and help you stay productive and dynamic well into the afternoon. Fall asleep more quickly, stay asleep longer, or listen to guided meditations for deep sleep.


Get better with age

Age gracefully by following our program, which supports healthy aging and authentic beauty. Glow up with face yoga, practice mobility routines, get supplementation guidance, and try chakra cleansing meditations.


Explore your sensual nature

Elevate your sex game, get better orgasms, and discover new levels of pleasure. Learn about your body with the help of tension-releasing yoga and exercise, libido-boosting workouts and meditations, and supplementation guidance for that extra spark.

Personalize Coach

Learn how to boost your energy, increase productivity, and find more time for self-care – completely in tune with your lifestyle, needs, and goals.

Get a personal motivator to help you implement good habits and suggest what is right for you.

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