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Daniella Corder

Certified personal trainer and menstrual cycle health coach



Daniella Corder

4 years in the fitness industry, specializing in menstrual health and cycle-focused approach for women
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is then not an act but a habit."
Daniella Corder is a certified personal trainer and menstrual cycle health coach with four years of experience in the fitness industry. She specializes in promoting menstrual health and offers a cycle-focused approach designed specifically for women.

Career Highlights

I’ve actively engaged in the wellness industry through various avenues: I participated in Global Wellness Day, contributed to the Wellness Warehouse magazine, and launched FLOWGRAM, an innovative 8-week health and fitness guide tailored to women’s menstrual cycles. Additionally, I had the honor of being interviewed at The Good Health Revolution, South Africa’s largest health and wellness summit, where industry-leading experts shared powerful strategies for enhancing health and vitality.


  • 2019 – Graduated from ETA Academy and receieved a title of Certified Personal Trainer


Certified personal trainer (ETA academy)
Certified menstrual cycle health and fitness coach (NASM & AFAA certified)

I felt compelled to share my knowledge with all of my female clients, educate women on the importance of their menstrual cycle and make cyclical eating and training my niche.

Your Journey As An Expert

I have always had a passion for health and fitness, however I noticed that the way I was eating and training left me with severe hormonal acne and I constantly felt exhausted and hormonally “out of whack”.

I tried every pill, antibiotic, lotion and potion under the sun to try and heal my acne but nothing worked. One day my sister sent me a podcast about cyclical living, eating & training and everything changed for me! In a matter of months I was able to heal my acne, restore my energy levels and balance my hormones naturally by getting in tune with my cycle.

After I witnessed the incredible impact it had on my life, I felt compelled to share my knowledge with all of my female clients, educate women on the importance of their menstrual cycle and make cyclical eating and training my niche. I think as women we see our menstrual cycle as our hormonal disadvantage, but I see it as our superpower!


In this section, you will find specific information on Daniella Corder’s contributions to menstrual health, including her involvement in awareness initiatives, policy impact, educational programs, collaborations, research advancements, and advocacy for menstrual equity.

What are Daniella Corder’s qualifications as a personal trainer?

Daniella Corder is a certified personal trainer specializing in women’s health, particularly regarding the menstrual cycle. She holds certifications from reputable institutions that focus on exercise science and hormone balance in women. Her experience includes personalized fitness coaching and developing exercise plans catering to fluctuating energy levels during the menstrual cycle.

What types of initiatives have Daniella Corder been involved in to improve menstrual health awareness?

Daniella Corder has played a significant role in various awareness campaigns to break the stigma around menstruation. She has organized community workshops and partnered with local schools to educate young people about menstrual health.

How has Daniella Corder’s work impacted policies related to menstrual health?

Her advocacy and research have influenced policy changes, leading to the implementation of menstrual health education in school curricula and removing taxes on menstrual products in several regions.

In what ways has Daniella Corder collaborated with health organizations?

She has worked with global health organizations to develop guidelines for menstrual hygiene management, focusing on improving conditions for women and girls across different societies.

What advancements in menstrual health research has Daniella Corder contributed to?

Her research has garnered attention for its insights into the effects of various menstrual products on health and the environment. Corder’s work has led to the development of safer, more sustainable menstrual products.

How has Daniella Corder advocated for menstrual equity and access to menstrual products?

Daniella Corder’s advocacy efforts have resulted in partnerships with companies to distribute free menstrual products in underserved communities and support legislative measures to improve product accessibility.