Time will effortlessly blend into your every day as a luxury hybrid wellness watch, suitable for any occasion.

While it has the appearance of an elegant timepiece, the technology inside of it connects to the Bellabeat app to provide you with insight into your well-being and is equipped with learning algorithms for accurate activity, sleep, and stress resistance tracking. It comes in two stylish editions, silver and rose gold.



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Sleep tracking

See how well you’re really sleeping at night and watch it improve over time.


Activity tracking

Count your daily steps, as well as track other activities you do throughout the day.


Mindfulness tracking

Take short breaks for breathing and meditation and track them daily to make mindfulness a habit.


Stress resistance insights

See your stress levels in real-time so you can proactively keep them low.


Cycle tracking

Plan around your hormonal cycles with tracking and phase predictions.


Inactivity alerts

Get alerts when you’ve been inactive for too long to remind you to get up and move around.

Smart technology

Time runs on Bellabeat proprietary tracking technology developed to work for women’s bodies.

Classic design

Stylish and sophisticated, Time gives a classic look to complement any outfit and occasion. Dress up or stay casual with options of silver or rose gold.

Get valuable insights into your lifestyle and well-being

Never lose your data. Leaf stores data up to 14 days and syncs with Apple Health Kit and Google Fit apps through the Bellabeat companion app.

You’ll Never have to charge your smart watch again!

Get your life back. Let Time take care of you, not the other way around.

4-month battery

Time runs on a simple coin-cell replaceable battery that you can find anywhere.

Wireless syncing

Simply sync your Time with your phone wirelessly.

Hypoallergenic materials

Time is made with surgical stainless steel that is skin-friendly and easy to maintain.

Not sure if Time is right for you?

Here are some frequently-asked questions we get about Time. If you still have questions, send us an email and our in-house customer support team will be happy to answer them for you.

Can I replace the battery in Time?

The Time uses two batteries which can be easily replaced when exhausted – the CR2032 coin cell battery for the tracking features and the SR621SW battery for the watch mechanism. The back of the Time can easily be opened with the battery replacement tool provided in the Time box.

Are the straps exchangeable?

Yes, the straps can be removed from the watch face and exchanged. We have a leather strap option available to change up the look of your Time for any occasion.

Can I adjust the straps?

Time has a sliding clasp which means it can be adjusted in the perfect position to fit your wrist size.

How does it track my stress?

The Bellabeat app will calculate your sensitivity to stress based on all the data synced with the app and that you have manually input. The data that will affect your stress level are the duration of your sleep, the time that you went to bed, the number of steps taken, how much time you spent meditating, any breathing exercises that you’ve done, and the current time in your cycle or pregnancy. Your sensitivity to stress can be seen in the Stress graph in the Bellabeat app.

Can I use Time and Leaf at the same time?

If you would like to use more than one Bellabeat device at the same time you can absolutely do that. In order to see the data they have tracked you would just need to sync them all with the Bellabeat app. Once the devices are synced, the app will intelligently merge their data so you needn’t worry about your data doubling.

Are there any hidden costs with the Time?

No, your Time is all you need to benefit from tracking your health in the Bellabeat app. All of the features related to your Time are completely free and include more than 30 meditations, period and mood tracking, and over 70 activities you can choose from.

Are there any hidden costs with the Leaf?

No, your Leaf is all you need to benefit from tracking your health in the Bellabeat app. All of the features related to your Leaf are completely free and include more than 30 meditations, period and mood tracking, and over 70 activities you can choose from.

Materials: Hypoallergenic stainless steel

Power source: CR2032 coin cell battery SR621SW

Battery: Long-lasting replaceable battery

Connectivity: Wireless

Sensors: Tri-axis accelerometer

Water resistance: ATM grade 3 – splash resistant, can withstand washing hands, showering and occasional contact with water