A classic never goes out of style

Designed by women for women, Time is more than just an elegant-looking piece of jewelry.

Give your time real value

Time is a hybrid wellness watch that helps you achieve total body wellness.

Work toward your wellness goals

It doubles as a wellness tracker giving you insights into your daily lifestyle.

While looking good doing it

The always-in-style colors will ensure your Time is always fashionable. Choose from silver or rose gold.

It's fashionably functional

Water-resistant and made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, Time can go wherever your wellness journey goes.

And doesn't require charging

Time has a 6-month battery life so you don’t have to
worry about cables or battery percentage.

It's not just an elegant watch

Brimming with sensors, Time tracks your life and keeps you informed about your lifestyle.

It also tracks your activity

Stay informed about your active time, and receive reminders to get up and move.


And even tracks your sleep

Knowing how you slept the night before will tell you how you’ll function today. Time tracks your sleep patterns.


Sync your body & mind

Connecting via wireless sync, Time syncs to the Bellabeat app with just a tap-tap.

Then see your progress

After syncing, you can immediately see all of your amazing progress throughout your wellness journey.

How it works

Connecting via wireless sync, Time syncs to the Bellabeat app with just a tap-tap.

Oh, did we mention it tells the time?

Get it in 3-7 days

Get it in 3-7 days

1-year warranty

30-day easy return

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