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Be ready to fuel your well-being

Ivy knows you best and helps you to decide what is best for you. By monitoring your biometrics, Ivy calculates your readiness, and by tracking your lifestyle data, it reveals your wellness results. Use them to upgrade your health and self-care routines with the right choices that respect your body’s natural wisdom, and boost good habits.

Readiness score

Readiness score

Know when you're at the top of your game

Imagine replacing your hectic morning with a new, data-powered ritual that helps you plan the day in total sync with your body. While you sleep at night and your body is in its calmest state, Ivy measures your resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and cardiac coherence.

Why those parameters? Because they reveal your bio-response to recent activities, stress, and emotions. In the morning, when synced with the Bellabeat app, Ivy calculates your readiness score – how ready you are for the day on a scale from 0 to 100. Are you all set to go out and smash your goals, or do you need to slow down and shorten your to-do list? Ivy will tell you.

Track your fitness levels

During the day, Ivy measures your heart rate (HR): the speed of your heartbeat is measured by the number of heart contractions per minute, indicating how your body is reacting to whatever you’re doing. Use it to track your workout progress and optimize personal training routines.

Learn how emotions affect you

Your respiratory rate is the number of breaths (respirations) you take per minute (rpm), which is connected to many physiological conditions and emotions that affect your overall health. How you breathe says a lot about your mind and body.

Your stress response in check

Resting heart rate (RHR) is the number of heartbeats per minute, measured when the body is fully calm during the night. Monitoring this parameter helps us understand how we react to stress, fatigue, or possible illness.

More focus, less anxiety

The cardiac coherence parameter shows how your heart rate variability and breathing rate are synchronized. The best part is that this can be improved with cardiac coherence training – a breathing exercise that helps to reduce stress, increase concentration, and sleep better.

Wellness score

Wellness score

Your self-care amplified

How you spend your days matters. Ivy monitors your activity, sleep, meditation, menstrual cycle, and hydration log and compares it to standards that are measured on women like you!

At the end of the day, your lifestyle data is processed into your wellness score, showing how well you are taking care of yourself. The more you drink water, exercise, or meditate, the higher the score. Ivy is your wellness assistant that cheers for you and motivates you to do your best.

Feel vibrant and happy

Ivy will recognize your activity during the day, help you track up to 80 types of activity, count your steps, and discover how all that affects your body. Work out with our trainers by joining our Premium membership and add more movement in your life.

No headaches, no wrinkles

Know how much you really drink and set water reminders. Also, factor in your unique physique, activity levels, age, height, and weight to calculate the right amount of water for your body. Or make it super easy with our Spring bottle that does the counting for you.

Sleep well, dream big

A good night’s sleep is crucial for healthy bodies and minds that jump-start their days feeling energized and ready. Ivy monitors your sleep patterns and knows exactly how your night is going to affect the next day.

Empty your mind to unwind

Ivy helps you keep track of your mindful minutes and get insight into how much your meditative, breathing, or similar practices affect your psycho-physical well-being.

Unlock body's wisdom

Woman’s body has an amazing internal mechanism. All we need to do is listen to its wisdom. Ivy helps you tune in with your body’s rhythm and track your period, ovulation, pregnancy, or birth control. Monitor your changes in the menstrual cycle, log symptoms, and even predict issues before they appear.

Get your Ivy today and become who you were meant to be!